How did the event get started?
The event began in 1974 with the primary purpose of promoting the pork industry in Virginia and Greensville County. At that time Virginia was one of the top pork producing states and Greensville County had a significant number of pork farms. Formed by a group of local citizens, the event quickly gained a significant following. Although Virginia no longer produces the amount of pork that it did back in 1974, the event has remained tremendously popular. Last year’s event attracted 15,000 people representing 32 different states.

Why is the event held on a Wednesday?
In 1974 it was a tradition in Southside Virginia to "roll up the sidewalks" and enjoy an afternoon off from work. As a result, the committee chose Wednesday as the most appropriate day for the event. We have retained this tradition over the past 37 years; the event is always held on the second Wednesday in June.

I have heard a lot about this event. What makes it so special?
There are numerous reasons why this event has grown into one of the East Coat’s largest food festivals. Many would say that it is the quality of the food. Others would suggest that it is the great music that is featured at the event. And even more would say that the wonderful rural setting creates the perfect atmosphere. Although everyone will certainly tell you that the Virginia Pork Festival is a unique event, you’ll have to visit for yourself to really experience what makes the event so special.

How many people do you anticipate will attend the event this year?
We limit the attendance to 15,000.

On what date do you cut off ticket sales?
We do not have a date for the termination of ticket sales. However, as a result of the tremendous popularity of the event and the demand for tickets, they do become scarce as the event date approaches.

Where can I purchase tickets?
We have over numerous ticket locations in Virginia and North Carolina so there is a good chance that tickets are being sold at a location near you. We also offer mail order ticket sales as well as online sales. You may refer to the
"Tickets" section of this site for comprehensive ticket information.

Are children admitted to the event free of charge?
Children age 6 and under are admitted to the event free of charge. Above the age of 6 a regularly priced ticket is required.

What does the ticket price cover?
Your ticket includes all of the items on our menu as well as all of your favorite beverages.

Where can I stay while in town?
We recommend the Hampton Inn of Emporia (434-634-9200)  - the Official Hotel of the Virginia Pork Festival.

Special rates are also available through the Fairfield Inn of Emporia.

How do I get to the festival?
You may refer to the
"Directions" section of this site for comprehensive driving directions.

Is there a fee for parking?
Unlike many festivals, we do not charge for general parking. However, VIP Parking spaces are limited and available for purchase online and through our ticket office.

I see a lot of buses at the event. Do you coordinate trips to the event as well?
There are a significant number of buses that attend the Virginia Pork Festival. We do not coordinate the bus trips and are not involved in these tours. If, however, you need to purchase tickets for a bus trip we can certainly assist you in this capacity. In addition, if you are coordinating your own bus trip we will gladly communicate that information to anyone, from your area, who makes an inquiry.

Once I arrive at the event do I have to enter through the main gate?
Many people do not realize that there are 5 points of entry into the event. The facility forms a circle so if you arrive and see a line at gate one, simply walk around the facility to the next gate. You will certainly gain admission to the event much faster that way and help reduce the traffic that flows in through the main gate.

What time do the gates open?
Although the gates open at 3:30 PM, the food service does not begin until 4:00 PM.

How do you manage to cook 43,000 pounds of pork and still have it remain so tasty?
Our staff and participants work diligently to ensure that we produce great tasting dishes. Each year we analyze every aspect of the event to ensure that we can maintain the high quality standards for which the festival has become famous. Over the course of these evaluations we have been able to refine our food preparation and service such that we can feasibly prepare and serve that much pork.

Who prepares the food for the event?
There are over 30 nonprofit organizations involved in the event. Many of these groups are involved in the preparation and distribution of the food.

How can I become a food vendor at the event?
We do not invite outside food vendors to participate as the event is pay one price and not structured to accommodate outside vendors.

What do you do with the left over food?
With over 20 tons of pork we do often have food remaining after the event ends. You can join us for the official Virginia Pork Festival auction if you are interested in purchasing some items to take home. The auction begins at 8:30 PM.

What time do the bands play?
We have five bandstands at the event and only one band is assigned to each. As a result, the bands play simultaneously during the course of the event.

Where is the Virginia Pork Festival After Party?
The party doesn't stop at 8 folks. Join the after party over at FoSho. 916 D West Atlantic Street, Emporia. For more information call 434-348-1057

Virginia Pork Festival

June 11, 2014